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Soundtrack To Your Life

Postiwyd gan steampunk13 o Penybont ar Ogwr - Cyhoeddwyd ar 20/07/2011 am 10:44
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Yn Gymraeg

We have all had that thought – if my life was a movie I wonder what my soundtrack would be – well I have, on a number of occasions. I also admit that I can’t help but hope that one day the entire world will burst into song and dance like in the musicals. Come on, it can’t just be me who imagines this ALL the time?

Anyway so what I was thinking I’m going to set another music based challenged. Write an article, post a comment or make a video of the songs you would want to be played in the soundtrack to your life. You don’t need to follow my structure or list, just go with whatever that would happen in your own life movie. And I want EVERYONE to try and get involved in this.

I’ll start the challenge off with my own soundtrack.

1) The Opening Scene: ( Wake Up Call – Cherry Lee / Bathroom Girl )
2) Life as a Toddler: (Wombles Song – Wombling Song)
3) Naive School Years: (S Club 7 – Bring It All Back To You)
4) My First Major Crush: (Taylor Swift - Invisible)
5) Parents Separating: (Christina Aguilera – I’m Ok)
6) My ‘Emo’ Years: (A Kiss Could Be Deadly – I’ll Be Your Anti-hero Baby)
7) Battling with Depression: (Breaking Benjamin – Dear Agony)
8) That First Heartbreak: (Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts)
9) Finally Finished School: (Graduation Day – Head Automatica)
10) I went on a First Date: (Saving Jane - Butterflies)
11) I fell in Love: (Sweetest Thing – Bethany Joy Galleotii)
12) And then he proposed: (Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler)
13) I Hated My College Years: (Miss Invisible - Marie Digby)
14) Then learnt to be happy: (Pink – F*ing Perfect)
15) Discovered New Responsibilities: (What’s my age again - Blink 182)
16) When I dance my First Dance: (Sweet Child O Mine – Guns and roses)
17) Sing my child a lullaby: (Billy Joel - Goodnight My Angel)
18) Hopefully I’ll Reach Old Age : (Jackson Browne – These Days)
19) And Have A Happy Ending: (To Where You Are – Josh Groban)
20) The End Credits: (Always look on the bright side of life – Monty Python)

So there you have it. My soundtrack that I would want to play at certain moments that have, and I hope will happen to me in my lifetime. Feel free to listen to my music and/or ask me why a certain song is up there. So yeah let me know the Soundtrack To Your Life.

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National Editor

National Editor

Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 22nd July 2011 - 13:59pm

Ooh, great fun! Loving your end credits! :0D

Here is mine. Please bear in mind I'm older than you lot so you might have to look these up on YouTube! ;0)

1) Opening credits (Midnight Cowboy - Faith No More)
2) Growing up in Llanedeyrn (Town Called Malice - The Jam)
3) 80s family caravan holidays in Tenby (Poison Arrow - ABC)
4) Becoming a teenager (No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys)
5) Discovering METAL! (Moonchild - Iron Maiden)
6) Discovering punk (Holidays In The Sun - Sex Pistols)
7) Grunge explosion (Blew - Nirvana)
8) Being in a hardcore punk band (Step Down - Sick Of It All)
9) Working as a holiday rep in Turkey (??mar?k - Tarkan)
10) Discovering house music & clubbing (Music Saved My Life - Cevin Fisher)
11) Getting dumped after seven years (Go With The Flow - Queens Of The Stone Age)
12) Going to uni (The Zephyr Song - Red Hot Chili Peppers)
13) Going travelling (Moving - Supergrass)
14) Living in Sydney (The Final Shakedown - Groove Armada)
15) Sad times (Redford - Sufjan Stevens)
16) Meeting my fiance (The Jack That House Built - Jack 'n' Chill)
17) Having my son (Beautiful Boy - John Lennon)
18) Not approaching middle age gracefully (A Shogun Named Marcus - Clutch)
19) Being the editor of CLIC (If The Kids Are United - Sham 69)
20) End credits (Lucky Man - The Verve)

Come on people, take five to think of yours...!



Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 22nd July 2011 - 15:12pm

thanks for the comments :)

I wanted to include so many more songs and musicians.... David Bowie, Journey, Rainbow, Level 42, Mr Big etc etc.... Its so hard to choose music to go with something when you really want to.

Im already working on my next challenge though, so keep an eye out for it.

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 22nd July 2011 - 15:56pm

This is more of a memory tape than a soundtrack but...

Living in Lavernock: Snow - Informer
Grooving in Grangetown: Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom
Musical goalpost shift #1: The Prodigy - Firestarter
Inappropriate disco obsession at 14: Isaac Hayes - Theme from Shaft
Musical goalpost shift #2/Sound of Sixth Form: Aphex Twin - 4
Realising that dropping out of Uni is not the end of the world: Lou Reed - Satellite of Love '04 (Dab Hands Retouch)
Lounging round Llantwit: Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded by the Light
Musical goalpost shift #3: Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
Return to Uni: CSS - Let's Make Love & Listen To Death From Above
Dissertation Drudgery: A Number Of Names - Sharivari
Things almost fall apart: This Is The Kit - Two Wooden Spoons
Crazy eco house: Amon Dl II - Mozambique
Right here, right now, everything seems OK: Metronomy - The Bay
End Credits: Arcade Fire - No Cars Go



Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 22nd July 2011 - 17:41pm

I don't think I can plan out a whole film of my life because I really don't know what would happen in it! But I have some ideas for some parts:-

When I've been put down by someone and I stand up to them:- Skyscraper- Demi Lovato
The start of Summer:- Schools Out For Summer- Alice Cooper
Upset about something:- America- The Donde Stars (My brother's old band)
Finally getting my own back on someone I dislike:- Bad Reputation- Joan Jett
Trying to get away from someone who is after me:- Fly on the Wall- Miley Cyrus
Going to the USA again (It will happen someday):- Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
A moment I'll share with my amazing Gran having a funny five minutes dancing about (sometimes we just do that. That'd have to happen in the movie):- Blue Suede Shoes- Elvis Presley
Leaving year 11 and making my future choices:- Wherever I go- Miley Cyrus ft Emily Osment

I can't think of anything else right now but yeah those are mine :) x

Vampire Timelord

Vampire Timelord

Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 24th July 2011 - 18:24pm

I am not so sure but
birth will be Bring Me Sunshine by Morcambe and Wise,
School Years will be Teenagers by My Chemical Romance,
Bullies will be I'm not Okay by My Chemical Romance,
my vampire addiction will be Bloodstream by Stateless (The Vampire Diaries Remix)
and the end credits will be Sing by My Chemical Romance



Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 24th July 2011 - 22:19pm

Great article :) My soundtrack would have to include (in no particular order):

Skinny Love (Birdy Cover)
Welcome Home (Radical Face)
Nuvole Bianche (Einaudi)
Viva la Vida (Coldplay)
The Entertainer (KT Tunstall)
Edge of Glory (Lady Gaga)
Defying Gravity (Wicked Soundtrack - is that cheating?)
Box of Stones (Benjamin Francis Leftwich)
Never Grow Up (Taylor Swift)
More Than a Feeling (Boston)
Built This City (Starship)
Don't Stop Believing (Journey)
I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (Glee Cast)

And those are just some of my favourites. There would be so many more! And another thing. Who would compose the film score of my life? Hans Zimmer. Or maybe John Williams. Or Einaudi. Who would compose everyone elses?



Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 25th July 2011 - 10:20am

again thanks for all the comments.


I would be Yann Tiersen and Yiruma. If I couldn't have them it would be Hanz Zimmer and Danny Elfman. Those are my favourite composers. :)



Rhoddwyd sylw 45 mis yn ôl - 25th July 2011 - 14:51pm

Aaah yes they are good I enjoy learning their pieces on the piano :)
And to add to my list

The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)



Rhoddwyd sylw 44 mis yn ôl - 10th September 2011 - 21:16pm

Ooh, you do come up with some wonderful things! Well, here we go then. Be warned: this list may heavily feature Bowie.

Birth/first four years of my life: Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da - The Beatles
Move to Wales: A Whole New World - Aladdin soundtrack
Primary school: Don't Pass Me By - The Beatles
Years 7 and 8: I'll come back to this one :P
Year 9: Worry Number One - Chris Singleton (brilliant guy, I interviewed him once on here, you should check it out)
Summer between years 9/10: Now the guns have stopped - Karl Jenkins and Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie
Year 10: Sorrow - David Bowie and As The World Falls Down - David Bowie
Move to America: I Can Go The Distance - Hercules soundtrack

And the instrumental pieces will be Hans Zimmer, of course. An original score, though.

This is going to be an epic album when it gets made (after the film of my life, of course. I'm going to be hugely successful).

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